Tree pruning

Tree Pruning

Routine tree pruning in Sydney and tree trimming to remove diseased, weak, or dead tree limbs can be done at any point during the year, with very little negative impact on the tree.

However, growth is maximized and tree wound recovery is fastest if the pruning is done before the spring growth.

The right time for pruning is also related to the type of the tree you want to prune.

If pruning is being neglected, it might lead to your trees developing low limbs, defects, and a weak branch structure. These might worsen the view, and also grow to pose a risk to your property.

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  • Just wanted to say we were so pleased with the job you did for us truly best price guaranteed – you are all very professional, we will definitely recommend you


  • “Hi Michael, thanks very much, very happy with the job. Your guys were very professional and acted in the best interest of the trees at all times. Many Thanks”


  • “I couldn’t believe how smoothly everything went and was great to watch how quickly they managed to dismantle such a big tree, leaving everything so clean afterwards, thanks guys”.


  • The team at advanced tree management were outstanding . Very professional at a very reasonable price . They catered to the exact way I wanted the tree pruned . Definitely will be recommending these to friends and family . Cheers michael


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